Email Marketing

Increase your ROI by using the top Email Marketing Services.

Advance your email marketing strategy. Deliver your next significant campaign and increase sales with Ekloziya Creatives in less time. Email marketing allows you to reach your target audience directly with personalized and relevant content. It's also cost-effective, easy to track, and provides valuable data for analyzing campaign success.


• Create an Email Marketing Strategy
• Choose an Email Marketing Platform
• Mobile-optimized and Customizable templates
• Email list management
• A/B Testing Capabilities
• Analysis of Email marketing campaigns

Add ons

• Personalised email Templates
• Lead Generation
• Autoresponders (e.g Welcome emails )
• Newsletter creation
• Guide/Freebie creation


The initial contract is always for 3 months – this way, we can monitor together that we achieve the desired results. After the initial contract period, we continue on a monthly basis.


On request – the total price depends on your business and needs.

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 email marketing
 email marketing